European Medical Cannabis Conference 2022

The expansion of markets and the rising demand for recreational, industrial, and medical uses of cannabis are indications of the industry’s transformational growth. The rapid legalization process portends a robust worldwide market where value is created along the whole cannabis supply chain. 

The entire cannabis supply chain is becoming increasingly digitalized, which has the potential to stabilize pricing points, distribution methods, and erratic operations while also balancing supply and demand in the wake of compliance and legal issues. 

So, how can cannabis businesses grow while being compliant and seize new market opportunities? The solution lies in swapping outdated point solutions and manual processes for data-driven enterprise solutions that can help companies to cut costs, streamline operations, and stay ahead of regulatory requirements. 

Because they are working with highly manual procedures and technologies that run independently rather than as a part of an interconnected ecosystem, cannabis companies frequently are unaware of all the data they have at their disposal. 

For example, with Muvu’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution, RAILES, companies gain a smart, agile platform for managing their business, driving operational efficiencies, and meeting specific compliance reporting requirements for regulatory authorities. 

In the 2nd edition Medical Cannabis Europe Conference, our CEO Tiago Peralta Santos took the opportunity to speak about the Digital Transformation Challenge in Cannabis Operations, highlighting: 

1) Benefits of modernizing cannabis operations. 

2) Technologies that can make a difference. 

3) What can we do with digital transformation?  

4) Solutions to make digital transformation possible.  

5) 10 Tips to make digital projects a success. 

The cannabis industry can use this digital transformation opportunity to drive decision-making, gain unmatched insight into its operations, and accelerate growth while still adhering to state-specific reporting requirements by modernizing and integrating it and understanding the best ways to access, store, analyze, and report on it with best-fit technologies. 


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