Digital Transformation Summit Madeira 2022


Nowadays, with the increase in competitiveness, to distinguish a company in the market it is necessary to provide high-quality standards to the customers, which means the lowest possible number of errors in production processes. This approach allows companies to become more productive by decreasing production costs, and company downtime, among others. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly widespread because its use to increase the efficiency of existing systems has demonstrated significant improvements. 

On October 26th we shared our experience, through the presentation of real successful cases, in the use of AI to enhance predictive quality in the Digital Transformation Summit that took place in Funchal (Madeira). Our presentation was entitled “Enhance Quality Prediction with AI to reach Zero-Defect Manufacturing” and was given by our Head of R&D, Bruno Silva. 

The part of the presentation that had great acceptance by the audience was the sharing of how we deal with real problems when it comes to the application of Machine Learning (ML) or AI in real processes. All the steps from data collection in real-time, to feature selection, to understand the problem through data, among other things. It is with this sharing that we enrich the community and provide a better digital transition for our companies and customers. 

It was an event that had a large community with the same goal, the progress of the digital transition. Among the various members were several companies, DIHs, universities, members of the European Commission, and leaders of the government of Madeira. 

The importance of investment in R&D is one of our pillars since Muvu Technologies see it as one way to produce the critical technology from which we can develop new products, services, and business models in order to maintain innovation and competitiveness in this emerging technology area. 


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