Bruno Silva, Head of R&D


Nowadays with the rapid technological evolution it is necessary to be at the forefront of this development in order to provide our customers with solutions that allow them to be competitive in the market. For this, it is necessary to have a well-defined strategy, investing in a strong research and development component that allows a continuous improvement and updating of our products.

Our approach is to maintain a constant connection with Academic Institutions, Digital Innovation Hubs, and Research Centers that provide us input to improve our products. This is in addition to the industrial growth, an area in which Muvu has extensive experience and numerous partners. Due to his combination of professional and academic/research expertise, Bruno’s integration into our team served to reinforce this strategy.

2.Short Bio

Bruno has a MSc in Electrical Engineering in the Automation and Robotics branch, but has always been interested in the field of Machine Learning (ML) and has obtained professional certification from IBM in Data Science and ML. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at UPC Barcelona Tech as part of the IRI CSIC-UPC research group.

He has always been connected to the academic world as a guest professor at the Polytechnic of Leiria and in the last years has worked both in applied research (integrating funded projects) and in industry in the area of Embedded Systems, Automation, Robotics and Digitalization. As a result of his research work some scientific articles was published in the field of AI.

3.Research and Development

Muvu are currently focused on the development and improvement of the following R&D components:


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