KITT4SME Project


KITT4SME (platform-enabled KITs of arTificial intelligence FOR an easy uptake by SMEs) specifically targets European SMEs and mid-caps to provide them with scope-tailored and industry-ready hardware, software and organisational kits,

delivered as modularly customisable digital platform, that seamlessly introduce artificial intelligence in their production systems. KITT4SME is a Horizon 2020 project (952119) supported by the European Union.

AI4MOS Sub-Project

Artificial Intelligence-based Multi-Objective Scheduling Optimization for Sustainable Manufacturing (AI4MOS)aims to explore the integration of existing injection moulding machines 
and RAILES (Manufacturing Execution  System) to  extract  data  during  the  process.  This data will then be used to create Artificial Intelligence models capable of optimizing the production schedule

AI4MOS Architecture


Technology Provider

Muvu is a Portuguese company specializing in software development based on Industry 4.0. One of its flagship products is RAILES, a Smart MES that use cutting-edge technologies, such as, Cloud Computing, AI, IoT, and big data to transform meaningful data from machines into powerful knowledge to increase the levels of decision making.


Sitecna is a Portuguese company with more than 35 years of experience in the injection and thermoforming of plastics. Sitecna offers technical and packaging solutions, exclusive and totally adapted to the clients’ expectations.

AI4MOS Sub-Project Plan