In the aerospace and defense industry, precision and compliance are paramount

Our Railes MES serves as the cornerstone of vertical integration in aerospace manufacturing, providing accessible data from the shop floor to the top floor. Real-time dashboards empower supervisors, operations directors, quality managers, and executives with actionable intelligence, ensuring informed decision-making at every level of the organization.

With Railes MES, aerospace manufacturers can meet strict engineering tolerances and regulatory requirements set by governing bodies, safeguarding against financial penalties and ensuring the safety of pilots, crew, and passengers. Unlock the full potential of your aerospace manufacturing operations with Railes MES.

How we can help your Aerospace and Defense manufacturing business run better

Compliance with Aviation Standards

Railes MES helps meet these standards by ensuring detailed record-keeping for audits, tracing all parts, and validating manufacturing processes

Enhanced Security and Access Control

Railes MES enforces strict security measures due to sensitive aerospace data. It includes features like role-based access, data encryption, and security audits to protect information and meet national and international standards.

Lightweight Material Handling and Traceability

Railes MES manages materials from receipt to assembly, ensuring quality and compliance with strict specifications.

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing

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Supply Chain Integration

Seamlessly integrate Railes MES with supply chain systems to streamline procurement, production, and distribution processes in aerospace and defense manufacturing, ensuring efficient material flow and inventory management.

Real-time Monitoring

Utilize advanced monitoring capabilities of Railes MES to track KPIs such as cycle time, yield, and resource utilization in real-time.

Integrated functionality

Act decisively and swiftly, drawing upon a deep understanding of integrated capabilities to guide your actions.

Productivity Enhancement

Drive operational excellence and productivity gains with Railes MES automated workflows, predictive maintenance capabilities, and continuous improvement tools, enabling faster time-to-market and reduced production costs.

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