Muvu Technologies
is a portuguese SME

that develop high tech solutions for Smart Industries. Muvu develops cutting-edge solutions based on cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. One of MUVU’s flagship products is RAILES, a real-time industrial production line management application. RAILES fits the list of next-generation software developed for the industry, to help manufacturers make better decisions based on real information gathered from the shop floor.


We work in the present with the tools of the future, therefore we offer disruptive solution with significant social impact. Muvers are the basis of our success, only the talent and motivation allow us to create value in everything that surrounds us.


We work for a better future, through the implementation of innovative information and communication technologies solutions, promoting sustainability and with strong social responsibility.



We promote transparency in our relationship with customers, only by doing that we build long-term business cooperation.

and integrity

With us, all your information is safe. We promote a relationship of trust with our customers.


It is not only quality but also the key to the success of everything we do.


Sustainability is not only important to the planet, but it is also vital to the success of a business.