QU4LITY Project


Qu4lity is the biggest European project dedicated to Autonomous Qu4lity (AQ) and Zero-Defect Manufacturing (ZDM) in the scope of Industry 4.0. Qu4lity aims, in the most realistic, measurable and replicable way, to demonstrate a transformative and SME-friendly data-driven ZDM

product and service model for Factories 4.0. Qu4lity has 14 pilot line and with those, it will demonstrate how European Industry can built unique and very tailored ZDM strategies to help companies to achieve greater success with a quality model that will meet Industry 4.0 ZDM

Qu4lity is a European project co-funded by Horizon 2020 under the Framework Programme of the European Union

IM4I Sub-Project

A higher demand for higher quality products, both from an environmental and socio-economical point of view, demands from companies a system that ensures that their products are delivered to their client will meet their higher expectations. So, with the advancement of Big Data processing tools or even Artificial Intelligence coming towards to what factories require, there are more space to create real solutions to real problems.

It is possible at this point to create intelligent solutions that are for example capable of predicting the different consumptions according to the different stages of the production environment. This is the area the I4MS is focusing it development. The project aims to develop a solution that will integrate the platform RAILES

which offer the capacity to collect data from the shop floor, analyze the data through the tools provided by the integration of RAILES and the QU4LITY platform, to give to operator that interacts with the machines the most information about what happening and eventually what will happen with future products.

IM4I architecture


Technology Provider

Muvu is a Portuguese company specializing in software development based on Industry 4.0. One of its flagship products is RAILES, a Smart MES that use cutting-edge technologies, such as, Cloud Computing, AI, IoT, and big data to transform meaningful data from machines into powerful knowledge to increase the levels of decision making.

MGR Packaging

MGR Packaging, S.A. is the Portuguese leader in the injection of industrial plastic packaging for the paint and varnish sector. It is 100% owned by a holding company (Gemstone II), which in turn owns 50% of LabelandPack. This business group is the only world producer of digital IML labels in UV varnish, with one linear meter, which brings a substantial competitive advantage to its products.

IM4I Sub-Project Plan