Quality Management

Maintaining high product quality is an essential aspect of manufacturing operations. In the information age we live in, customers take product quality seriously. Offering sub-standard quality can lead to a significant loss of your customer base, as customers quickly shift their loyalty to competitors. To address this challenge, our Railes MES Quality Management Module offers a comprehensive solution for stringent quality control throughout your manufacturing processes.
React Faster and Smarter

Instantly identify and address quality issues using our real-time dashboard, enabling quality inspectors to take rapid action.

Single Source of Truth

Centralize all quality control plans in one location for easy access and sharing among relevant stakeholders.

Increase Customer Confidence

Build trust with customers by quickly implementing and adhering to quality control plans.

Continuous Improvement

Track and sustain process capability over time, promoting ongoing enhancements in quality.


Integrated Quality Process Management

  • Analysis of Quality KPIs and Correlation between Quality Parameters
  • Planning of Quality Activities
  • Planning of Tasks

Control and Process Optimization:

  • Setting Up Process Control Rules and Statistical Analysis
  • Configuring Key Quality Indicators (Cp, CPk, Cp-Cpk, FPY, OEE, among Others)
  • Sampling-Based Inspection/AQL, Non-Conformance Reporting, and Traceability of Batches/Materials/Products
  • Tools for planning and conducting internal and external audits, ensuring compliance with standards and regulations (ISO, FDA, etc.).
  • Tools for management of quality documents and certifications, including certificates of compliance and test reports.

Maximum Control

  • Management of Non-Conformities and Deviations
  • Digitization and Management of Sampling Sheets
  • IN-Process Control (IPC)


  • Classification of SCRAP/Waste and Recording of Corrective Actions
  • Calibration Management of Corrective, Periodic, and Preventive Measurement Equipment
  • Document Management of Equipment, Tools, or Items
  • Data Export and Import in Excel, Word, or PDF Format

Risk Management

  • Conduct risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with suppliers, such as supply chain disruptions or quality failures.
  • Develop contingency plans to address potential supply chain issues and ensure continuity of supply.
  • Diversify the supplier base to reduce dependency on single sources and enhance supply chain resilience.

How will your industry change with the Railes MES?

By choosing the Railes MES, your organization will benefit from a robust and integrated approach to quality management, driving continuous improvement and excellence in all manufacturing operations.
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Enhanced Product Performance

By performing thorough quality checks and continuous monitoring, your products will consistently meet the highest standards.

Cost Efficiency

Minimize manufacturing costs by reducing waste and optimizing the use of resources through precise control and monitoring.

Compliance with Quality Standards

Ensure that all manufacturing processes adhere to stringent quality standards, reducing the risk of regulatory interventions.

Increased Competitive Edge

Stand out in the market by consistently delivering superior quality products, securing repeat business and gaining a competitive advantage.

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