Automation and Integration

In today’s interconnected business environment, the ability to seamlessly integrate various third-party applications is crucial for streamlined operations and data consistency. Automation and integration allows to connect with ERP, CRM, and other essential applications, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced operational efficiency.
Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect your MES with a wide range of third-party applications, ensuring seamless data exchange

Scalable Solutions

Easily scale your integrations as your business grows and your technology stack evolves.

Comprehensive Visibility

Gain a unified view of operations by integrating data from various sources.

Enhanced Data Consistency

Maintain data accuracy and consistency across all integrated systems.


Integration With Softwares

  • Integrate with leading ERP systems to synchronize production data, inventory levels, and financial information.
  • Automate order processing and inventory management through seamless data exchange.
  • Connect with CRM systems to ensure customer data is up-to-date and accessible across the organization.
  • Streamline customer service and sales processes with integrated data.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity protocols to safeguard IIoT data and ensure system integrity.
  • Automated synchronization of production schedules with equipment availability.


  • Automated decision-making based on predefined rules and conditions.
  • Integration of robotics and machine learning for adaptive automation.
  • Enhanced productivity through streamlined workflows and reduced manual intervention.

Real-Time Data Exchange

  • Facilitate real-time data exchange between MES and third-party applications, ensuring timely and accurate information.
  • Use APIs and web services to support robust data integration.
  • Real-time data exchange between MES and shop floor equipment.
  • Real-time data exchange between automation systems and centralized control platforms.

Custom Integrations

  • Develop custom integrations tailored to your specific business needs and existing technology stack.
  • Use middleware solutions to bridge gaps between disparate systems.


How will your industry change with Railes MES

Implementing the Integration 3rd Party Apps Module will significantly enhance your operational efficiency by ensuring seamless data flow between your MES and other essential business applications. This will lead to improved data accuracy, reduced manual errors, and a unified view of your operations, facilitating better decision-making and strategic planning. As a result, your organization will be more agile, responsive to market changes, and capable of maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.
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Scalable Integration

Easily scale and adapt your integrations as your business and technology needs evolve.

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate better collaboration between departments with integrated data access.

Reduced Manual Effort

Automate data transfers and workflows, minimizing manual work and errors.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Maintain consistent and accurate data across all integrated systems

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