In the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, precision is key

Railes MES is design to empower pharmaceutical companies with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure, our MES solution streamlines processes, minimizes errors, and ensures strict compliance with regulatory standards. With unparalleled data insights and automated workflows, our platform not only boosts efficiency but also elevates quality to unprecedented levels.

We’re creating a  new era of pharmaceutical manufacturing excellence – powered by our Railes MES solution

How we can help your pharmaceutical business run better

Electronic Batch Records (EBRs)

Railes MES keeps track of all manufacturing steps with detailed electronic batch records (EBRs), essential for meeting regulations and maintaining process quality

Compliance and Quality Control

Railes MES helps meet regulatory standards such as GMP by automating quality control and maintaining precise manufacturing control

Change Control and Auditing

Railes MES offers tools for managing process changes systematically and detailed auditing for controlled, compliant modifications.


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Advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms to analyze production data in real-time

Customization and Flexibility

Railes MES customization and flexibility feature, tailored to meet your unique manufacturing needs. Adapt effortlessly to changing demands and optimize your operations with ease.

Quality Management

Implement robust quality management protocols within Railes MES to uphold stringent quality standards in manufacturing

Risk avoidance

Integrated software approach, reducing risk by transitioning from manual processes to data-driven insights

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