Packaging manufacturing is pivotal for product transportation and preservation, demanding precise process control

Research underscores the critical role of packaging, influencing up to two-thirds of consumer purchasing decisions and prompting 41% to repurchase solely based on packaging appeal.

Railes MES offers indispensable support to packaging companies, amplifying efficiency and productivity while curbing costs.

Leveraging Railes MES, manufacturers streamline operations, mitigate quality failures, and foster traceability. This optimization leads to substantial productivity gains, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction

How we can help your packaging business run better

Energy and material consumption optimization

Railes MES reduces waste in packaging by calculating material needs, tracking consumption, and suggesting ways to minimize scrap. It also monitors energy usage to identify inefficiencies

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Railes MES offers scheduling tools to optimize resource use, align production with delivery dates, and minimize changeover times

Advanced Quality Management and Compliance

Railes MES ensures continuous compliance with regulations. It provides features for material traceability, formulation management, real-time auditing and compliance reporting to meet quality and safety


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Streamlined Processes

Railes MES optimizes every step of the packaging process, from design to distribution, ensuring seamless operations and efficient management

Real-time Traceability

With Railes MES, users can track materials and products in real-time, ensuring compliance, safety, and quick issue resolution.

Customizable Workflows

Railes MES offers customizable workflows, adapting to unique requirements and improving efficiency with automated processes.

Collaboration and Integration

Railes MES facilitates collaboration and integration across teams and departments, enhancing teamwork, decision-making, and innovation.

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