Molds and plastics industry


Increase productivity
of your company up to 40%
with the real time software
to analyses and control production.

Functionality implemented
  • Packaging management;
  • Connect with machines, PLCs and sensors;
  • Real-time machine monitoring;
  • Control of machine downtimes;
  • Kiosks to collect production information ;
  • Mobile application for transaction logs;
  • Automated labelling;
  • Barcode reader;
  • Consultation of various listings;
  • Dashboards in real-time;
  • History (OEE, productivity, availability, quality, etc…);
  • Alerts (email and SMS);
  • Robot Process Automation (integration with ERP).
  • Intelligent planning;
  • Intelligent maintenance;
  • Real-time factory overview;
  • Total cost control (Real vs Budgeted);
  • Product life cycle management;
  • Articles, components, raw materials and subsidiary materials;
  • Batch control;
  • Technical and specification sheets;
  • Management of human resources, machines and tools;
  • Quality control and plans;
  • Scrap control;
  • Cost analysis of articles, workers, equipment and operations;

Platforms implemented
Web application | Mobile app (Android and iOS) | Microsoft Azure Platform
IoT (Internet of things) | Big data | AI
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